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7 Things to Do This Fall to Save On Heating Costs This Winter
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7 Things to Do This Fall to Save On Heating Costs This Winter

There's nothing better than staying indoors, all warm and cozy, on a cold winter night! This is when an efficient heating system plays a significant role in creating a warm and inviting environment inside your home.

Unfortunately, excessive usage of your heating system can drastically increase your heating bill. And your two choices in winter will likely be paying high heating bills or shivering the nights away.

You don't need to do either! This article discusses seven effective ways to save on heating costs this winter and put your money to better use.

1. Check For Common Areas of Heat Loss

For starters, a great way to keep your homes warm and reduce heating bills is to check for spaces of possible heat loss, like cracks or small crevices. If your place is not airtight, you will need to increase the heating thermostat to make the environment cozy, which can have a great impact on your wallet.

Some common areas to check before the arrival of cold weather are:

  • Doors (especially the spacing underneath them).

  • Windows (make sure they lock properly and don't have any gaps).

  • Walls (check for cracks).

  • Fireplaces (keep the damper closed when not in use).

  • Utility cut-throughs for plumbing penetrations.

  • Spaces behind closets.

2. Service Your Heating Devices

When a device is blocked or not working properly, it is likely to consume more energy than usual or not heat your home well. Adjusting the thermostat higher and higher is only going to raise your bill.

So, before the arrival of cold weather, make sure that your heating system is tuned up and working effectively. Regular inspection and proper maintenance of all your devices, like your furnace, can save you a lot in terms of cost.

3. Switch to a Heat Pump

Looking for a better way to heat your home than a traditional furnace? A heat pump is a cost-effective alternative to an AC system and furnace. It is suitable for domestic and commercial usage and works as an energy-efficient way to heat your home using less electricity and saving you money.

Heat pumps enable the air to pass in and out of your home through the system. In winter, the device extracts hot air from the outdoors and brings it indoors. In summer, the mechanism pushes out hot air collecting in your home, leaving it feeling cooler.

Installing a heat pump in the fall before winter sets in will save you money instantly while keeping you warm and comfortable!

4. Adjust Your Thermostat

Practicing smart thermostat use is also a good way to stay energy-efficient and cost-effective this winter. Lower the setting of your thermostat at night and when you're not in your home (as long as it's still comfortable for pets). This alone can save up to 10% on your annual bills!

Install a smart or programmable thermostat and allow it to always maintain the right temperature for your home. If you have a heat pump, use a programmable thermostat designed to work with it and keep your setting at a moderate level.

5. Invest in Humidifier

Finding ways to keep the heat in will pay off when it comes to your monthly bills, and because moist air helps with this, a humidifier can help. Aside from mitigating the dry air that can affect your health, placing a unit in high-activity rooms or purchasing a whole-house model can help the temperature stay warmer and keep your thermostat at a lower setting.

6. Winterize Windows and Doors

Even with the top-rated windows and doors on the market, there's always the risk of heat loss, especially in our chilly Minnesota winters. Placing wood frame storm windows on the exterior or using heavy plastic as a temporary covering over the glass will act as an additional barrier to the cold. Attaching draft stoppers to your doors prevents tiny air leaks, minimizing heat loss and keeping your home more comfortable.

7. Check Your Insulation

If you're getting ready for an annual inspection, add your attic insulation condition to the list. 90% of US homes are under-insulated, and this heat loss adds up fast. The insulation will prevent excess waste and can help prevent ice dams when the snow starts piling up.

Let General Heating & Air Conditioning Keep You Warm This Winter

Get your home winter-ready now! At General Heating & Air Conditioning, our experienced team of technicians offers a free at-home estimate to find all the ways you can heat your home more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Contact us online or call 952-445-2820 to schedule an inspection and bring the warmth to your home!

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