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Laundry Pro Installation Services in Minnesota

What if there was a way to eliminate the need for laundry detergent but still have constant access to clean, fresh laundry in your home? It’s all possible with Laundry Pro!

Laundry Pro is a system that utilizes cold water and advanced technology to remove dirt and grime from fabrics. General Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you start experiencing all of the benefits of Laundry Pro with our professional installation services. Learn more and contact us today!

Why Choose Laundry Pro? Never Buy Detergent Again!

Laundry Pro by Aerus makes your daily chores easier and more efficient by using ActivePure Technology to clean your fabrics. The system is only available for sale by authorized dealers like General Heating & Air Conditioning.

How It Works

The Laundry Pro system works by infusing the cold water in your washer with hydrogen and oxygen based oxidizers, which gently lifts away dirt, oil, and other residues on your clothes – without the help of any soaps, bleaches, detergents, softeners, or hot water!

The ActivePure Technology built into each Laundry Pro system is based on a variation of the technology originally developed for use on the International Space Station and is recognized as exclusive Certified Space Technology by the Space Foundation.

Benefits of Laundry Pro

Because Laundry Pro uses cold water, you won’t have to worry about your machine consuming your home’s hot water. Because it eliminates the need for detergent, Laundry Pro can also help diminish allergic reactions that are commonly associated with the chemicals in detergents.

There are countless additional benefits to installing Laundry Pro in your home!

By opting for this environmentally alternative to a standard washing system, you’ll also enjoy a fabric cleaning method that provides these additional advantages:

  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Improves clothing texture and softness
  • Whiter whites, brighter colors
  • Cost-effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Earth friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Eliminates the need for bleach

Because Laundry Pro is so easy and simple to install, the General Heating & Air Conditioning team will be in and out of your house, with minimal disruption to your day.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Laundry Pro can benefit your home, let us know! We have answers to all of your questions and can even start your installation with a hassle-free quote.

Reach out to our team today by contacting us online or by calling 952-445-2820.

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