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Rebates & Tax Credits

Depending on your location, there may be Federal, State and local incentives you can take advantage of when choosing geothermal

Because of the environmental benefits of geothermal, there are many tax credits and rebates available to homeowners. As of February 2018, homeowners that install a geothermal system between January 1, 2017- and December 31, 2021 may be eligible to receive a Federal Tax Credit. See the following one-time tax credit breakdown below:

  • Installed a Geothermal System between January 1, 2017- December 31, 2019- Eligible for a 30% Tax Credit
  • Installed a Geothermal System between January 1, 2020- December 31, 2020- Eligible for a 26% Tax Credit
  • Installed a Geothermal System between January 1, 2021- December 31, 2021- Eligible for a 22% Tax Credit

If you need help determining which rebates and credits you may be eligible for, please refer to the multiple resources listed below to find out what rebates and incentives are available in your area, or you can contact us and we can help you.


DSIRE (Database of State Incentives & Efficiency) is a website containing comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility and federal incentives that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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Energy Star

Eligible consumers can receive rebates if they purchase Energy Star Rated Heating & Cooling equipment when they replace their used Heating and Cooling Systems. All Waterless™ DX Geothermal Systems qualify.

Energy Star Rebates by State

How Heat Pumps Work

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